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  1- Will you have to come to my home before we start organizing to look at my space?


I find that 95% of the time a phone consultation is sufficient enough to assess your needs. I may even ask you to send me pictures of the areas you are looking to organize. I also ask some important questions that really help me get a sense of your lifestyle. If after our phone consult I still feel that I need to come to your home prior to OUR FIRST ORGANIZING SESSION, I would have to come and perform an in house consult at a service fee.


 2- Will you make me throw away my stuff?


Of course not! My goal is to make you COMFORTABLE and help you understand the difference between unnecessary items and items of value and function. WE are working together to sort, donate, possibly sell, give away, and lastly toss.


3- Should I clean prior to our first session?


    Absolutely not...I want to get a good sense of your space to determine the trouble areas that need to be addressed.


4- What areas do you organize?


All areas in your home including closets and drawers. From experience, any attic, basement, garage, or shed that is in need of organizing is always scheduled on the weekends and require two organizers. The 2nd organizer is at a great discount to make it affordable..


5- Do I need to work by your side?


That depends! Working side by side allows me to learn a bit more about you so I can create a space for you that will work most efficiently for you. Once we get to a place of calm, I am available for maintenance, and it is at this time that I can work alone. My goal is to teach you how to get organized and remain clutter free.



6- How do you work?


All sessions are scheduled in 4-hour increments. However, I have worked with the enthusiast who was eager and willing to tackle an 8 hour day. When I work an 8-hour day I will break for a 30 minute lunch.


7- Do you go to offices as well?


Yes! I have worked with professionals to organize their business space. I even organized a teacher’s classroom to help her make it more child-friendly.


8- I feel ashamed of how my home looks. I'm embarrassed to have you see my home.


Life happens and I'm very understanding that things do get out of control. Just the fact that you are seeking help now is telling me you are ready for a change. I will never disclose anything about you or your home's condition to an outsider.  I am here to help with a sympathetic ear.


9- Do you give any discounts?


Yes! I always post seasonal coupons.


10- Do I need organizing supplies?


During our phone consult I will suggest what you may need: containers and/or contractor's bags. I can purchase these for you. However there is a fee for my shopping time. I always have my "Mary Poppins Bag" as my clients call it. I also have labels, stickers, cleaning supplies, first aid and other items as required.

11- Do you have gift certificates?

Yes!! What a great gift idea! Just about anyone can use a few hours or more of organizing!

12- How many sessions do I need?

I always ask my clients how long has the clutter been a part of your life? And most times the response is forever... Please be realistic when deciding to organize a specific space and with time and patience we can get the job done.

13- Can you recommend any other services that I may be in need of?

Yes! In fact, upon retaining my services I'll provide you with a Resource Package which includes a document retention guide, staging recommendations if selling your home, decluttering tips, a list of donation centers, RBR's favorite organizing-needs retailers, and a helpful Resource List for a variety of useful services including options for donations and reselling items. I can also provide referrals for a wide variety of contractor services.



Why should I choose ​ROOM BUY ROOM OF LONG ISLAND?


We are a fully insured family-owned business. I am a Licensed Real Estate agent and Certified Home Marketing Specialist. I am a highly qualified professional who has the background and skills to tackle any job; big or small. We sincerely have your best interest at heart, and know the challenges that face you each day. We promise to exceed your expectations by providing solutions to your current situation. At this time I invite you to see my reviews on Angie's list from people like you who have hired Room Buy Room Of Long Island to help them live an organized, clutter-free life...
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